Development Communication Dissertations

Buhariwalla Link Changing the narrative : how media sensationalism affects public policy and how activists can use it to their advantage, Kevin Killough Link Coming together, falling apart: How automobility disrupts communicative action., Maya.Ruggles Link Strange fruit: The reification of race and the myth of official multiculturalism in selected Canadian media., Rawle G.

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Armstrong PDF Public education as a marketing medium: An examination of corporate-sponsored curriculum used in the Canadian public school classroom., Jeremy Stewart.

Gillies PDF Television town hall meetings: Publicity and democratic deliberation in the public sphere.

Fujiki PDF The Accurate Productions of Emotion Words During a Social Communication Intervention in Children with Language Impairment, Emily Marie Gibbons PDF The Efficacy of Social Communication Intervention on Teacher Report of Sociability for Children With Language Impairment, Julianne Grover Smith Guerra PDF Development of Speech Recognition Threshold and Word Recognition Materials for Native Vietnamese Speakers, Claire Hanson PDF A Model of Grammatical Category Acquisition in the Spanish Language Using Adaptation and Selection, Camille Lorraine Judd PDF Children's Adaptation to Electropalatography: Evidence From Acoustic Analysis of /t/ and /k/, Kara Brianne Knapp PDF Voice Features of Sjogren's Syndrome: Examination of Relative Fundamental Frequency (RFF) During Connected Speech, Victoria Anne Lovett PDF Quantifying Voice Change After Hydration Treatment in Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome Using the Cepstral Spectral Index of Dysphonia (CSID), Alison Miner PDF The Effects of Nebulized Saline Treatments on Diphthongal Vowel Production on Female Subjects with Sjögren's Syndrome, Keri Lynn Perry PDF The Effects of Laryngeal Desiccation and Nebulized Isotonic Saline in Male Speakers, Whitney Jane Robb PDF Comparing Speech Movements in Different Types of Noise, Sarah Jane Scott PDF The Spanish Language Proficiency of Sequential Bilingual Children and the Spanish-English Language Proficiency Scale, Jessica Maribel Tavizón PDF A Model of Children's Acquisition of Grammatical Word Categories Using an Adaptation and Selection Algorithm, Teresa Young PDF Examining Parents' Interactions with Their Children During Literacy Activities, Kerianne Frodsham Allsop PDF The Effect of Age on Speech Motor Performance During Divided Attention, Dallin J.

PDF Factors influencing e-government adoption in Indonesia, Muhammad Noor Fakhruzzaman PDF Using values to communicate agricultural science: An Elaboration Likelihood Model approach, Allison Arp PDF Constructing the perfect post: The effects of incivility and news selection on online engagement, Carlos Eduardo Back Vianna PDF The effects of brand involvement and message strategy on user responses on Facebook brand pages, Su Yeon Cho PDF A gendered perspective of local news: News Style analysis of 2016 presidential campaign coverage in the Des Moines Register, Yao Liu PDF Citing your sources: How community journalists use social media for story content generation, Jared Charles Meisinger PDF Environmental discourse through a cultural lens: A case study of Guamanians' relationships with nature and wildlife, Kimberly Nelson PDF Antinuclear movements in the U. and Kazakhstan: A cross-cultural analysis of mass communication patterns, Bakyt Toptayeva PDF Investigating religious conversion among Chinese college students: Testing the expansion of the Lofland and Stark model and the impact of media, Haifan Xiao PDF Facebook: Help or hindrance?

The influence of message and source factors in online word-of-mouth messages, Xiaowen Zhu PDF A qualitative look at middle SES preschoolers: media consumption and social behaviors, Jaime S.

Bell PDF Effects of typographic variables on attitude measures in reading bilingual brands, Ran Bi PDF Sourcing and Framing the 2012 Battle for the White House: A Student Media Analysis, Aimee Burch PDF Anorexia prevention messages: effects on psychological reactance among female college students, Min Sun Kim PDF Cross-cultural differences between American and Chinese college students on self-disclosure on social media, Shan Luo PDF Risk perception of food safety and behavioral intentions to read food safety labels, Weiwei Miao PDF Individual rights and government control: A qualitative study of China's censorship, Di Pei PDF Asking the players: a mental models approach to how long-term players of a massively multiplayer online game perceive the risks associated with gaming, Sarani Rangarajan PDF The Effect of self-censorship on news credibility: public's perception of Hong Kong newspapers after the 1997 Handover, Yuwei Sun PDF Framing food safety controversy in China: Online media vs.

Mc Arthur PDF Extracting an ounce of truth: Mainstream media coverage of Canadian mining neoliberalism, Sheena Cameron PDF THE GLOBE'S REPRESENTATION OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE AND CANADA'S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, Karen Ashford PDF How the media view public-sector workers: A critical discourse analysis of a 2009 municipal workers' strike in Windsor, Ontario, Travis Reitsma PDF 'It's Not That Easy Being Green': Greenwashing of Environmental Discourses in Advertising, Jennifer Budinsky PDF Jamming the Culture?

: A Critical Analysis of the Billboard Liberation Front, Christina Henderson PDF Whistle Stop: the Suppression of Whistleblowers in the Canadian Government, Brendan Tweedie PDF Suburban Nation: An Investigation of Suburban Ideology and Youth Culture, Sara Hines PDF From Environmental Activism to Consumer Action: A Historical Analysis of the Environmental Movement, Milica Petkovic PDF Sandwiched, Justin Senior Link Myth of Dreams, Ka Leung (Tony) Lau Link La Facade, Sacha Nastili Link Homeless in Hollywood, Benjamin Young PDF 'Race' and class in the "New York Times" coverage of Hurricane Katrina., Delna K.

Wiley PDF The effect of social media comment on Chinese consumers' attitude toward the brand, Huiying Yu PDF The impact of two-sided messaging on brand attitude: An attribution theory approach, Dianyu Zang PDF `My double love of boys': Chinese women's fascination with `Boys' Love' fiction, Chunyu Zhang PDF The influence of fear and authority on psychological reactance: a study of the effectiveness of public service announcement campaigns on drunk driving prevention among college students, Xiaotong Zhang PDF Portrayals of gay characters in Chinese movies: A longitudinal look, Xuan Zhang PDF The People's Daily: A longitudinal content analysis of editorials from 1977-2010, Sicong Zhao PDF Testing the Effectiveness of Video to Complement or Replace the Lecture/demonstration Group Training Approach for Farmers in Kamuli District, Uganda, Tian Cai PDF The influence of social media on knowledge gaps about science and technology among Chinese audiences, Xi Chen PDF The effect of psychological reactance on acceptance of campaign message: A case of "stop texting while driving" campaign in college students, Yuyang Chen PDF Economic outcomes of international public relations: A time-series analysis at the country level, Byung Wook Kim PDF Re-examining The Two-Step Flow of information in the age of digital media: The case of the 2012 presidential election in the United States, Jo-Yun Li PDF Gratification obtained from television shows on Internet TV and conventional TV, Nai-Se Li PDF The impact of comics on audiences' knowledge of, attitude toward, and behavioral intentions related to wind energy, Xiao Lin PDF Anti-obesity media content and its impact on people's intention to eat healthy and exercise: A test of the protection motivation theory, Raeann Renae Ritland PDF The sources young people trust: The credibility ratings of sources of national political news in China, Chenyan Shan PDF Elections and the third-person effect: Voters' perception of the 2012 first presidential debate's effects, Ge Wang PDF Video VS.

audio as modes of promoting tourist destinations: The case of Hangzhou, China, Yiren Zhou PDF The effects of press freedom and biotech policy on Southeast Asian newspapers' coverage of genetically modified crops, Ruby Lynn S.


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