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College graduates face many hurdles when entering an independent, adult life.

With advancing technology, there is a higher demand for employees not just with basic technology skills, but also with more technical and advanced coding knowledge or deep interest and insight in social media branding and audience-targeting.

SMU prepared me for this changing industry, which is what we need schools and colleges doing.

Technology has given us capabilities that we never would have had otherwise. My parents valued and supported my education throughout my life.

Learning was a part of my upbringing and is now ingrained in my habits. This is only natural for me, coming from parents who relish new information and stories.

I attended public school my entire life until I was accepted to SMU.

I was fortunate to live in a decent district that offered options like Advanced Placement and dual credit courses. The most valuable skill my college years taught me is how to learn.

Teaching and learning are never solely confined to the classroom.

Learning does not end when you receive your diploma.

I cannot speak for all millennials, but I am optimistic about my future. I enjoy my current job and am looking forward to building on my experience to further my career. Like many graduates, student loans are hanging over my head.

What’s not to like about this sense of freedom and exploration? I’m glad for the six-month grace period after graduation.


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