Discipline Essay Prompts

Discipline Essay Prompts-12
These are the secondary application essay prompts for Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine.

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Be sure to specifically address at least most if not all of the components: leadership, honesty, integrity, compassion, respect and self-discipline. Consider choosing anecdotes from your experiences you have previously listed. If talking about personal or family hardship, describe how it was a challenge but focus on what it taught you and how you overcame it. OPTIONAL QUESTION: List the area (or areas) of medicine that appeals to you and briefly explain.

Specific experiences will be stronger than general assertions about your strengths.3. If choosing an interpersonal dispute, be sure to paint it in an objective manner without maligning the other person or negatively depicting yourself. (Limit your explanation to 50 words or 250 characters for each area of interest you list.) Do not leave blank. Identify a few components of medical practice which specifically interest you and explain why they do.

Reason 3: UChicago’s social activism clubs are very involved with the issues affecting the South Side of Chicago.

They are helping to shed light and turn the narrative on a neighborhood that is often misunderstood and misrepresented in the broader eyes of the nation.

This high ranking reflects UChicago’s excellent academic programs, faculty, resources, and reputation—but these factors also make admission to UChicago highly competitive.

Discipline Essay Prompts

In the 2018-2019 cycle, UChicago accepted only 5.9% of applicants.

Next, think back to an experiences during which you interacted with cultures other than your own.

Perhaps you worked with homeless or underprivileged communities during undergrad.

The honor code for the Texas A&M College of Medicine is: “A Texas A&M medical student is a professional who exhibits leadership, honesty, integrity, compassion, respect and self-discipline.” Please briefly discuss what activities or personal attributes demonstrate best that you would be a good custodian of our honor code (3500 character maximum).

Brainstorm your personal attributes and experiences which fit with this honor code. When discussing the hardship, be sure that the wording does not make you sound like a victim, as this can reflect poorly.


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