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The legislation is an important piece that continues to protect employees from any form of discrimination, especially during employment.Racial harassment is a common form of racial discrimination in the workplace.It is based on the core idea that a particular race is more superior to another.

The legislation is an important piece that continues to protect employees from any form of discrimination, especially during employment.

Here, vilification refers to addressing someone in an abusive language.It has been reported that children of black origin receive heavy punishments compared to those of white origin even when they commit the same crime.For instance, an African-American child may be suspended from school due to a violation of laws while a child of white origin maybe reprimanded for the same crime.The education sector is the most affected when it comes to racial discrimination.Usually, children from certain races are considered inferior and not given the same resources as those considered from superior races.In the modern times, racial discrimination is still experienced.In 2017, research revealed that discrimination in sports rose from 31% in 2016 to 41% in 2017 (Lapchick, 2018).For example, in a hypothetical situation, if Mohammed is working as a plant machine operator in a company and the manager keeps on questioning his dress code, appearance, and Islamic customs it can be termed as racial discrimination.It amounts to racial discrimination since Mohammed might feel that the workplace environment is hostile and intimidating.In the US, the same case applies where legally, race encompasses color, ethnicity, national origin, and nationality.The US protects its employees from racial discrimination through the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Title VII (Equal Employment Opportunities).


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