Disguise In The Odyssey Essay

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While these women do gain a certain amount of power through their sexual charms, they are ultimately all subject to divine whim, forced to wait and pine for love when it is absent.

Disguise and Deception The epic poem The Odyssey begins on Mt. Athena brings to Zeus' attention that Odysseus' journey has been brought to a standstill on the island of Calypso.

Even Helen adds some anecdotes about Odysseus’s cunning during the Trojan War.

Phemius, a court minstrel in Ithaca, and Demodocus, a Phaeacian bard, sing of the exploits of the Greek heroes at Troy.

Throughout the book, the Gods disguise themselves as humans.

This forced the mortals to show hospitality to everyone they came in contact with because they never knew when one could be a God.

While at the castle, Athena at first disguises herself to try and convince him that he is home.

Odysseus, however, believes that she is tricking him.

Most call out to other stories in Greek mythology, elevating the Odyssey by reminding its audience of the epic’s rich, mythic tradition.

The gods of Greek literature often assume alternate forms to commune with humans.


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