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This can be different people including siblings and parents, your supervisor, a friend, or a colleague.Picking the person to dedicate this work to is generally a personal decision.One reviewer even noted that it was a “nice touch”.

This should depend on how you relate with them and your personal preferences. If you opt to be informal, use the nickname or first name of the person.

Choose the dissertation dedication sample to use as your guide depending on the approach that you want to take.

But, when it comes down to it, it will be the academic content of your thesis that will truly matter.

A book dedication is a device that some authors use to bestow a very high honor on a person (or small group of people) they want to praise or otherwise spotlight. Many people write their book dedication to a child or dedicate their book to a friend who has impacted their creative process.

Visit Stack Exchange I am compiling my thesis, and have noticed that the La Te X template that I am using provides space for a dedication.

Whilst I do have an individual whom I want to credit with being a source of inspiration for my research and career motivation, I'm curious as to if honours theses normally include a dedication, and if I would be better to wait until I write my doctorate.

Dedication generally comes in your front matter section in your thesis.

It will depend on your university rules and guidelines.

Nevertheless, you can make this easier by thinking about the entire writing process.

Who played a major role in ensuring that your dissertation writing process was successful?


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