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So this idea of this sort of reflective peek behind the curtain.And in fact, the podcast format itself, were those in the game plan from the beginning?It’s the job of these five people to advise me over the next months, or more likely years as I write my dissertation, which is the only thing standing between me and my doctorate in English.

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I’ve got to outsmart the Baroque villain of the grad school Gothic, the dissertation itself by doing it, while also simultaneously undoing it.

And just a healthier environment for education overall, in general.

One of the really distinctive things that I think is happening here is that you’ve written the dissertation that is impart a critical reflection on the process of writing a dissertation.

In this way, think of the prospectus as a sort of dissertation permission slip, a sheet of paper that once signed allows me to climb on board the bus and head into the field of academic literary criticism. It’s summer, I caught sight of him via social media on the Appalachian Trail. cris, if you’re listening, I hope you brought your recorder with you pick up some good sounds for us. But there was something I wanted to share with you because it’s hot off the audio presses.

And if I don’t earn my committee signatures at the end of this meeting, then I guess I’m going to have to stay behind and eat my bag lunch all by myself. Sounds about sound, the podcast where we explore sound in the arts and humanities. One of the really nice and unexpected fringe benefits of doing this show is we’ve started to get invites to come and talk to folks about how to do academic work in sound, and what the potential of podcasting is in the world of sharing ideas.


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