Dissertation Marking Criteria

Dissertation Marking Criteria-20
This grade indicates work of very high quality which will demonstrate some, though not necessarily all, of the following: Independent thought of very high quality, deep understanding of the implications of the question, an individual and particularly effective treatment of the material or topic, understanding of and substantial engagement with scholarly debates, sophisticated treatment of primary material, excellent control of a complex argument, and a scholarly standard of presentation (footnotes, citations, bibliography etc.).This grade indicates work of very high quality which will demonstrate some, though not necessarily all, of the following: Coverage of all (or the most significant) areas and issues appropriate to the topic, control of an argument sustained across the whole piece of work, construction of coherent argument in individual chapters, a well argued viewpoint supported by evidence, an original viewpoint convincingly presented, the capacity to evaluate evidence, the capacity to adduce evidence from other fields, within or outside the ancient world, independent thought of high quality, and excellent organization, presentation and style (including footnotes and spelling), using appropriate and grammatical English.The dissertation should be no longer than 12,000 words (9,000 words for MSc Management for Information Technology) including any quotations in the text, but excluding the abstract, footnotes, tables and their captions, the bibliography and appendices.

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The normal assumption is that a dissertation will make use of primary source material.

Dissertations may also have an historiographical focus, in which case the historical arguments, texts and debates under discussion will provide the substantial primary source base for the analysis offered in the dissertation.

Program code can also be included as an appendix but we would prefer it to be uploaded electronically via Canvas, or on a USB drive or similar attached to each copy of the dissertation.

A standard cover sheet must be as the first page of your dissertation, before the title page.

What these incidents tell us is no matter whose mistake it is, if you are not careful in following your university’s marking criteria thoroughly, you will be the one paying the price.

Our dissertation marking service is the best solution for this problem.Where programs form a part of the project, you should expect to be asked to demonstrate a working implementation to your supervisor.We have worked with many such unfortunate students, some of whom went through this ordeal for mistakenly overlooking a few minor instructions out of the hefty handbook their university had supplied and expected them to follow every word of.The grade indicates insufficient evidence of serious academic study.The work fails for one or more of the following reasons: Failure to demonstrate an understanding of the whole topic, failure to identify the principal issues involved, failure to demonstrate a fund of knowledge, incoherence, and inclusion of material which is irrelevant to the question.Broadly speaking, work is assessed on four criteria: - Depth of research - Quality of argument and analysis - Range of knowledge - Organization and presentation To obtain a particular class of assessment a piece of work does not have to fulfil all the criteria listed for that class — judgements are formed on the basis of the predominant character of the work — but the guidelines help to show what examiners are looking for in their evaluations.Evidence of strength in some areas may compensate for weaknesses in others.You should hand in TWO bound copies of the dissertation.Both must have a cover sheet bound in as the first page (see below).Download the Masters dissertation cover sheet [DOCX 16.32KB]. It includes a declaration stating that you have read and understood the definitions of 'plagiarism' and 'collusion' as set out in the Examination and Assessment Handbook.There is no prescribed method of binding, as long as it is robust and neat. Demand for binding facilities will be heavy around the date of submission, and you don't want to risk handing your dissertation in late.


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