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If each section is delineated by a heading, it can then form the basis for notes under each heading that may be expanded in time. Sample text:- The subjects were asked to do some reading between their sessions, to enhance the orientation of seeking and changing irrational thinking.

If each section is delineated by a heading, it can then form the basis for notes under each heading that may be expanded in time. Sample text:- The subjects were asked to do some reading between their sessions, to enhance the orientation of seeking and changing irrational thinking.

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Journal of the British Society of Liberty, 14(4), 1978. Author of dissertation, Title of dissertation (underlined, or in bold type or in italics). Thus:- Nystrom, H., Cultures of Failure Within Public Sector Organisations. They may also make a book of abstracts available at the time of the conference.

H., eds., Liberty and the Law: proceedings of the fourteenth annual conference of the British Society of Liberty, London, November 1978. If you do this, you should append a printed copy of the email message to your work. Conferences Many significant conferences publish their proceedings after the conference has taken place.

There are over a dozen different accepted means of dealing with reference and citations, often specific to particular academic disciplines, and the University will accept any standard methodology that is clear and consistent. This refers you to an article by Mackenzie, published in Volume sixty-six, Part one, of the “Economic Journal” in 1959. If you choose to abbreviate journal titles, you should use internationally recognised styles.

We summarise our own general precepts below for each principal category of reference by means of mostly fictitious examples. Articles in Journals The details required are: Author(s) of article, Title of article.

Humans have the freedom of choice, although this freedom has certain limitations.

This theory, then, may be concluded to be non-deterministic.

Each item will then be tagged with a running number, which you will use to refer to it in your text. (10) Parks, R W, Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Linear Expenditure System.

A different system, which can work well for theses, is:- XXXVI. Just as for the Harvard system, you need to arrange your bibliography alphabetically by the author’s name.

If, however, you wish to insert a lengthy quotation (for example, more than five or six lines), you should ask your typist to indent the quotation, and type it single-spaced, without any quotation marks. It has the advantage that it gives information in the text (author and date), so that the reader may evaluate elements of the reliability and currency of your source, without having to look them up in your bibliography.

To quote Ellis (1974b, p.307): “Deterministic theories see individuals as not responsible for their behaviour, as the pawns of society, heredity, or both.” Quotations in the text should be placed between quotation marks, and should run on from your own words, using standard spacing between the lines.


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