Dissertation Proposal On Terrorism And Islam

Dissertation Proposal On Terrorism And Islam-50
The lethality of terrorism in comparison with criminal homicides, victimization by natural disasters, specific diseases, etc.: towards a realistic ranking of human risks; 46.Pakistan: regional and global implications of potential state failure/collapse; 47.Careers of ex-terrorists and their role in countering terrorism; 38.

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Islamophobia and Antisemitism compared: between rhetorical weapons and legitimate grievances; 30.

Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews, and Buddhists under attack for their faith: a quantitative comparison in the post-Cold War period – claims vs. Differentiating between terrorism, other forms of political violence and human rights violations: towards a more balanced approach to assessing armed conflict and repression; 32.

CBRN threats, radicalization, suicide terrorism, jihadist terrorism) other (sub-) topics are un- or under-researched.

In order to stimulate research, TRI presents this list of 50 un- and under-researched topics.

Analyzing terrorist statements and internal writings: looking for cues regarding the expectedutility of terrorism in terrorist thinking; 33.

Measuring the actual effectiveness of terrorism: findings from empirical research on the tactical and strategic outcomes of uses of terrorism; 34 State human rights violations in response to terrorism – how widespread, how serious? Kidnapping for ransom: the consequences of paying ransom and of refusals to pay. The messaging policies of Al-Qaeda, its affiliates and media jihadists: analyzing communiques and threat statements systematically; 37.

The utilization of international humanitarian law and, in particular, the Geneva Convention Treaty Régime, to deter acts of international terrorism, with special reference to armed struggles by "Peoples" for their right to self-determination. [ Franks, Jason (2005) University of South Carolina, U. Systeme im Wandel der Zeit: Das konfliktbehaftete Verhältnis zwischen Politik und Medien in sicherheitspolitisch unruhigen Zeiten; Eine Analyse der 'Cicero-Affäre' (2005) und des BND-Skandals (2005) mit der seit dem 11. pid=diva4011] Higgins, Vanessa de Macedo (2010) Terror and patriotism in the United States: A critical analysis of governmental discourses surrounding the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the introduction of the Patriot Act in the United States of America.

Authors wishing to submit a piece of work should review the author guidelines and then email submissions to Aspects of the area of freedom, security and justice: Assessing the progress made, commitment expressed and legitimacy of the implementation processes of European police cooperation and counter terrorism. [ Gardner, Kathryn Lynn (2010) Content and end-state-based alteration in the practice of political violence since the end of cold war: The difference between the terrorism of the cold war and the terrorism of al Qaeda: The rise of the "transcendental terrorist".

Non-violent popular revolt and Salafist Jihadism: competing paradigms for political change in the Islamic world; 8.

Conspiracy theories related to (counter-) terrorism: is there a need for countering them? Warning the public: responsible crisis communications prior, during and after terrorist attacks - lessons learned and best practices; 10.


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