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The chances of a person's DNA profile matching that of another person is extremely small, and it stands at around one in one billion.In fact, as compared to fingerprinting and the testimony from eyewitnesses, that have flaws as well as inaccuracies, the use of DNA evidence in court is highly effective way to match a suspect to the biological samples that were found in the crime scene and were collected during the criminal investigation.

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However, it is of essence to understand that DNA evidence is not unassailable, there are errors in collection as well as the handling of samples used for the DNA profiling and analysis which can result in the exclusion of DNA evidence at a trial.

The entire DNA structure often consists of billions of compounds which cannot be evaluated, in the same way; an entire fingerprint can, however, the results from DNA typing often represents a statistical likelihood.

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The use of DNA is highly accurate, and consequently criminal lawyers in recent times are increasingly relying on the use of DNA evidence in order to prove a defendant either innocent or guilty (Hart, 2004).

The use of DNA evidence has also been able to exonerate a lot of innocent persons that were convicted through post conviction analysis of different biological samples.This is as compared for the defense attorneys attacking the reliability of DNA profiling as a unit and as a whole.In fact, in recent times a well-known example of this defense strategy was used in the O.This allows for the accurate testing on very small amounts of DNA that exists in crime scenes.The investigators at the crime scene can be able to collect DNA evidence from different sources, in fact, almost every biological evidence contains DNA.It can be described as the instruction for the entire body's genetic makeup. A person often has the same DNA through the whole body, and it is located in every cell of the whole body.As early as the 1980's, states had began enacting laws that required the collection of DNA samples from offenders who are convicted of certain sexual, as well as other violent crimes.The DNA typing is often not considered absolute proof of identify, in fact; a DNA non match is statistically referred to as being conclusive.However, any variation of the DNA structure often means that the DNA samples that were collected in the crime scene were drawn from different sources and, therefore, are contaminated.All you need is to ask for research paper help written by a specialist in your academic field.When you buy an essay online from us, we offer you an original, nil plagiarized and unique paper written by a dedicated writer who is Ph D or Masters qualified.


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