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Patterson PDF Learning Disabled Special Education Students and General Education Opportunities, Candace Pelt PDF Identifying the Perspectives of Undergraduate Students on Effective Teacher Dispositions, Liza Zehner PDF Investigating the Lived Experience of Teacher Decision-Making: A Phenomenological Approach, Lynn Abeln PDF The Relationship Between The Level of Language Acquisition and Reading Achievement Among English Language Learners, Kathleen Barrett PDF Factors Contributing to Students Seeking an Alternative Secondary School Setting, Brian Crawford PDF Communicating Value: Understanding Adjunct Typology, Job Satisfaction Levels, and Professional Development Interests, Lisa P.Davidson PDF Knowing Me, Knowing You: The Dilemma of Diversity Courses In Higher Education, Marian Derlet PDF Teacher Perceptions Related to Teacher Effectiveness: An Application of Hattie's Mind Frame Conceptualization, Carissa De Young PDF Leadership Density: An Exploratory Correlational Study of K-8 Teachers' Balanced Scorecards and Perceptions of Leadership, Jason David Edwards PDF A More Noble Purpose: An Educator’s Analysis of America's Public School Policy, Amy M.Granby PDF The Meaning of Patient-Nurse Interaction for Older Hospitalized Women: A Phenomenological Study, Deborah Mize PDF Personality Traits and Prior Academic Learning as Predictors of Student Success in High School Math Courses, Wilson Morris PDF The Relationship Between Reading Enjoyment, Gender, Socioeconomic Status, and Reading Outcomes in PISA 2009, Luke Neff PDF Stuck in the Middle: A Qualitative Study of Middle School Students Displaying Problematic Behaviors and their Perspectives Regarding Significant School Related Issues, Marty Palacios PDF Exploring the Experiences of Higher Education Students Involved with the Development of a Responsive and Student-Centered Learning Support Program, Debra Park PDF Bridging the Research-to-Practice Gap: Factors Affecting Teachers' Efficacy About Instruction, Tiana J.

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Sheppard PDF Student Perceptions of Motivation and their Impact on Effort and Performance: A Grounded Theory Study of Affect and Achievement Motivation, Marc Simmons PDF Toward an Integrative Theory of Vocation and Volition: Locating the Historical Concept of Christian Calling in the Contemporary Psychological Treatment of Motivation, Timothy S. Barnes PDF Closeness and conflict in schools: positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) and teacher perception of student behavior and student-teacher rapport, Christopher James Cochran PDF Examining the career experiences among Oregon female school superintendents, Heather Hutchinson Cordie PDF The Relationship Between Double Dosing and Middle School Math Student Achievement, Jon Franco PDF Examining the Journey and Experiences of Females Who Become Oregon School Superintendents, Rachael George PDF Hearing the voices of those who are educating for shalom: what they are saying about institutional vision, missional goals, and educational models, Patricia R.

Walker PDF The nature of international cross-cultural experiences as articulated by U. Harris PDF The effects of exercise participation on cognition in adults, Marisa L.

King PDF Pedagogy For Christian Worldview Formation: A Grounded Theory Study of Bible College Teaching Methods, Rob Lindemann PDF Why Knowing How to "Engage" Cross-Culturally Matters: Kenyan Principals' Experiences In Cross-Cultural Collaboration, Andrea Nelson PDF A Critical Analysis of Multiculturalism, Cultural Competence, and Cultural Humility: An Examination of Potential Training Opportunities for Pre-Service Teachers, Elizabeth A.

Nolan PDF An Examination of How Adult English Second Language Learners Learn Pronunciation Skills, Joni Pagnotta PDF Examination of The Psychometric Properties of an International School Survey of Parent Experience, Angela D.

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Ecopedagogy aims to educate about resilient, sustainable, healthy, and pro-social attitudes and behavior.Dudley PDF Beliefs of Recent Second Language Teacher Education (SLTE) Program Graduates Regarding Linguistic Diversity as a Professional Responsibility, Darren C.Gordon PDF Tillamook School District / George Fox University Collaborative Partnership: An Immersion Practicum in a Rural School District, Saurra Heide PDF How Teachers Who Use Restorative Approaches Come to Adopt a Restorative Justice Mindset: a Phenomenological Study of Process, Timothy L.Sigander PDF Homeless Students in Rural Oregon: A Narrative Ethnographic Study, Sherri Sinicki PDF Art Student Perspectives of Activist Art: A Phenomenological Study, Charity-Mika Woodard PDF A Phenomenological Study of the Professional Learning Experiences of Music Educators, Allison Bonn-Savage PDF Identifying Students at Risk of Dropping out: Indicators and Thresholds Using ROC Analysis, Susan E.Carlson PDF Leading for Innovation: A Visual Ethnography of Three Principals that Have Moved Their Schools from Low to High Achievement as Viewed through Transformational Leadership Theory, Charan Cline PDF Student Perceptions on the Community of Spiritual Formation at a Faith-Based University, Jonathan R.Matthews Beimers PDF Exploring The Relationship Between High School Diploma Requirements in Mathematics and College Remediation Rates, Derek J.Brown PDF Explaining Special Education Communication Disorder Classification by Race, Native Language Spoken, SES, and EL Status: A Logistic Regression Study, Jonathan Fost PDF A Phenomenological Study on Parents' Advocacy Experiences for The Inclusion of Children Experiencing Disability in The General Education Setting, Elaine Fox PDF Student Voice: Perceptions of Teacher Expectations Among First and Second Generation Vietnamese and Mexican Students, Sara Gandarilla PDF Experiences of Early Career Teachers and Their Influences on Teacher Retention, Rachael Harms PDF "This Is New To Me": The Importance of Coaching For First- Time Technology Use In Primary Grades, Randall J.Fast PDF Reading Engagement in an Elementary Setting as Enhanced by Choice, Social Collaboration, and Self-Perception, Carrie Ferguson PDF Perception of Educational Equity and School Climate: A Case Study, Elisabeth Ferreira D'Azevedo PDF Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor by Skilled Birth Attendants In a Rural Regional Hospital In Southern Ethiopia: A Qualitative Case Study, Marcella J.Gowan PDF Acronyms and Identities: The Perceptions of Latino Teenagers Regarding their Experiences as Long-Term Second Language Learners, Kristina E.Students in ECT conduct research and scholarship continuously through the program, beginning with the candidacy paper in the first year.Students participate in research labs and faculty projects, work under the supervision of faculty in research courses, and participate continuously in the doctoral colloquium as a research-supportive community.


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