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The presentation of the Gothic has spanned the centuries, gripping each and every reader with its dastardly plot and unsuspecting victims.The Castle of Otranto, written in 1764 by Horace Walpole, ‘is generally regarded as the first Gothic novel’...

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The appearance of the Gothic in architecture of the Middle Ages was the start point and muse of Gothic Literary.

The lack of simplicity, symmetry, regularity and nonconformation to nature inspired the features of Gothic Literature: horror/ terror,...

In periods of cultural insecurity, when there are fears of regression and degeneration, the longing for strict border controls around the definition of gender, as well as race, class, and nationality, becomes especially intense. The title character in Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is a sexually perplexing figure.

Nietzche wrote of a creative being called the "berman", or "superman".

The Absence of Amsterdam: Confounding Principles of Presentness in Stoker’s Dracula Doctor Abraham Van Helsing is an intriguing and somewhat problematic character on several levels.

According to critic Martin Willis the introduction of Van Helsing...

The rise of British Imperialism during the 1800’s created a new sense empowerment among English citizens and redefined British culture in the Victorian Era.

During this time, British imperialists valued personal lineage and emphasized the...

Gothic architecture thrived during the high and late medieval period.

The upper echelons of the feudal system were so impressed by the looming cathedrals that they had their castles built in the same Gothic style. , Bram Stoker largely presents good and evil in stark contrast in a very simple manner.


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