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You will need a break room and restroom for your employees, a small waiting area, and room for one to two cash registers, as well as room for any vending machines and a large main room for your equipment, rails and dry cleaning materials. Offer discounted rates for employees or groups who go in on a weekly service, where you pick up all of the participants dry cleaning at one location.Otherwise, you can request a minimum amount, such as , or charge a fee of if the minimum is not met.Contact your health department to see if you are subject to sewer connection fees.

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Obtain a dry cleaner's license, as offered by the Dry-Cleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund Council.

Contact your state government's office to apply for your license.

Direct mail brochures to prospects in the neighborhoods you plan to service--target middle- and upper-income areas where people can afford your service.

Deliver your brochures to businesses--particularly large office complexes where you can hit a lot of customers in one stop--and explain the advantages of using your company.A drop off and pick up dry cleaners is a business in which you go to your customers' homes or workplaces to save them a trip to your store.The success of your drop off service lies in your ability to find ways to make your customer's lives more convenient, provide great prices and conduct smart marketing.If you will be open late, your locale should be safe and well lit.A dry cleaning service needs at least 1,200 square feet.The Ultimate Template Kit to Help You Start, Run and Grow Your Business Like a Pro.Since 2001, Biztree has helped over 12,000,000 entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and managers to start, run and grow their business more efficiently.The advantages to this business are that you can work from home, and you're always on the go, so you're not sitting around waiting for activity.You'll need organizational and logistical skills as well as good sales and marketing techniques to convince dry cleaners and customers to use your company.Then you'll pick up the dirties from homes and offices, take them in for cleaning, pick them up after servicing and return them to their rightful owners.You can arrange regular biweekly stops, picking up fresh dirties as you drop off your last visit's load of now-clean garments, and you can have customers call for emergency pickups.


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