Dumb Blonde Essay

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finds that a switch of a single letter of the genetic code is responsible for lighter hair: An A (adenine) is changed to a G (guanine) on a region of human chromosome 12.

Here are a few: I called up Regina Nuzzo, a statistics professor at Gallaudet University, to go over the merits of the study.

"I'm calling statistical shenanigans on this," she told me, flat out.

If you were to conduct a two-sided test with this data, Nuzzo says, you'll find the significant difference goes away.

And it becomes very plausible that black-haired women may actually be smarter Another reason to doubt the sample's ability to generalize: How is it possible that there are so many more black-haired men in the study than black-haired women?The team says that because this specific genetic change only affects the hair follicle, other cell types — especially, say, brain cells — are not affected.This means that blond hair really is “only skin deep.” "We've been trying to track down the genetic and molecular basis of naturally occurring traits — such as hair and skin pigmentation — in fish and humans to get insight into the general principles by which traits evolve," said study author David Kingsley."Now we find that one of the most crucial signaling molecules in mammalian development also affects hair color." The team first had a clue that a particular region of DNA might be responsible for hair color from earlier genetic studies of people in Iceland and the Netherlands.In the new study, the team pinpointed the exact genetic change and then used mice to test the theory: And those with the single nucleotide change did indeed have lighter coats.What’s interesting is that the gene in which the change takes place encodes a protein, KITLG, which is also known as stem cell factor and is responsible for a host of different functions depending on where it’s expressed.When the single “switch” responsible for hair color occurs, it only affects hair follicles – not how the gene is expressed elsewhere in the body."Among white women, those reporting having blond hair are actually slightly smarter than those with other hair colors," he writes in a new paper published in the , an open access peer-reviewed journal.That type of counterintuitive conclusion — not only are blond women not dumb, they're actually smarter! Stories trumpeting the results declared: "Science Definitively Proves Blondes Aren't Dumb" "Turns Out Blonde Ladies Are the Smartest" "Study: Despite the jokes, blondes aren't dumb" (There were many, many other articles written about this study.) It's news candy, for sure.Dialing up and down the expression of an essential growth factor in this manner could be a common mechanism that underlies many different traits." So if you’re having a “blond moment,” don’t let your friends to tease you about your hair color – you may just be having a bad day."It's clear that this hair color change is occurring through a regulatory mechanism that operates only in the hair,” said Kingsley.


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