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“I can’t believe someone finally spoke out about it,” says Wright.“I look up a lot of things I need to know, and it’s right there on Google for free, or you can find videos on how to do it.For Wright, the student at ASU, one solution has been to take advantage of a two-week trial period offered by many textbook companies.

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Other professors in the economics department declined to answer questions for this article.

Some students have sought ways around buying digital homework systems.

Unformatted text preview: Number of Fish Problem 2.5 Table 2.8: Predictions and Outcomes in Session 2 Experimental Competitive Outcome Prediction Mean Price $6.74 $0.00 Number of Fish Sold 24 26 Total Fishermens' Profit $31.85-$130.00 Total Demanders' Profit $273.15 $460.00 Total Profits All Participants $305.00 $330.00 Problem 2.6 a) The number of fish caught increased from 13 to 39 b) The mean price of fish fell from $15.92 to $6.74 c) Total profits of fishermen fell from $61.00 to $31.85 d) Total consumer surplus rose from $64.00 to $273.15 Problem 2.7 a) The mean price of fish falls from $20.00 to $0.00 b) Total profits of fishermen falls from $130.00 to-$130.00 c) Total consumers' surplus rises from $30.00 to $460.00 Problem 2.8 a) if he expects the price of fish to be $3?

Late last week, an economics professor at Arizona State University sent an email to students that quickly went viral arguing that he is being dismissed from the university because he refused to assign an online textbook that he says “requires students to pay just to turn in homework.”That charge, by Brian Goegan, clearly struck a nerve with students around the country, leading to memes on social media portraying the professor as a hero fighting corrupt university officials, as well as t-shirts with the slogan: “my homework was more expensive than this t-shirt.”The incident is bringing attention to a complaint that has sprung up at other campuses in the last couple of years.

The first was that students in all Econ 211 and 212 were now required to purchase a digital textbook called Mind Tap, sold by Cengage.

He alleged that the university was requiring so many students to purchase it so that the university would get a large grant from Cengage.And the university says it has gotten no grant from Cengage, and that it makes no money from the homework system.They said that the economics department had decided to adopt a popular Principles of Microeconomics textbook by Gregory Mankiw and to also require students to buy access to a related Mind Tap digital tool for homework and other interactive materials.Goegan has been teaching economics classes at ASU as a full-time, non-tenured lecturer since 2014, but the university did not renew his contract, and he finished up his teaching duties this month.Last Thursday, he sent an email to students explaining that he was being let go because he pushed back against two university policies that he saw as unethical.On social media, many former students of Goegan came to his defense and said he was one of the best professors they have had at ASU.One of those students is Addison Wright, a junior at ASU who took Goegan’s course in the spring of 2016.That raises the question: is the move to digital homework systems creating a new kind of digital divide at colleges?Textbook companies defend their new model, arguing that digital titles help students learn better than past methods and are sold for far less than traditional textbooks.As textbook giants shift to all-digital products that integrate homework, students are essentially forced to buy digital materials from publishers to turn in their assignments.That’s a stark departure from the age-old textbook model, which gave students the option of buying a used copy, renting a book or borrowing one if they didn’t want to fork over the money for a new one.


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