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However, employees need to be mindful that any personal or private use of email is communicated electronically through company systems and any private email can potentially become public.

As one company CEO put it ‘You have zero privacy anyway.

It is argued that such surveillance can create a climate of distrust and an unnecessarily stressful atmosphere for employees It could even lower employee productivity; for example, if employees take an extra hour to get Christmas shopping done instead of shopping for ‘15 minutes online’ (Wheelwright, 2002, p. O’Rourke, Teicher and Pyman (2011) argue that in many workplaces, there is a ‘tacit understanding’ that personal correspondence and personal phone calls at work will remain personal and not subjected to monitoring.

The authors point out that monitoring may also expose employers to legal challenges as covert surveillance is strictly regulated in Australia Lecturer's comment: This is a very clear topic sentence that summarises the main message of the paragraph.

For example, personal use of email to inform family members or child care workers about unexpected overtime is acceptable. (2010, p.32) concedes that the majority of employers accept some personal use of workplace computers.

Trust can be maintained by communicating clear policies for email use and employees are more likely to trust the process of email monitoring and feel that their privacy is respected if policies are transparent and well-constructed (Kiser et al., 2010).

Student Forum Student Forum essays were published until August 2009.

They gave a medical student perspective on any topic related to medicine, health, or medical education.

This leaves more space for you to create and support your argument.

Employers play a key role in managing electronic communication and the core functions of management involve planning, organising, leading and controlling (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg, & Coulter, 2012).


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