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“We are interested in empirical—rather than evaluative—research that pro- duces generalizable lessons that may be useful in promoting greater participation of underrepresented minority students in biomedi- cal and behavioral research,” Singh said.He also underscored the importance of future applications’ incorporating a sound, theoretical basis for the hypothesis to be tested; a sample with sufficient statisti- cal power; appropriate comparison or control groups; and rigorous statistical methods. So a team approach [is necessary]: a collaborative effort among researchers, program administrators, educators, psycholo- gists, sociologists, statisticians, and economists.” The intention of the RFA was to test the assumptions on which the division’s grants were based, said Barry R.Those who want to go into a program may differ in motivation from those who do not actively seek out and choose a program.

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He then outlined some of the major questions that the RFA was meant to address, such as the following examples: • Can specific forms of teaching, styles of pedagogy, and men- toring be identified that prompt patterns of student engagement that lead to a biomedical or behavioral research career?If so, how do these interventions exert their effects?“What we hoped and we continue to hope is that this research will provide insights 26 UNDERSTANDING INTERVENTIONS and modifications in program practices that will increase the entry of students into biomedical and behavior research careers,” Komisa- ruk said.• Are some characteristics of a student more determina- tive in career choice?Are some characteristics more subject to intervention?• Is the research sensitive to the unique social, cultural, eco- nomic, and other issues of the groups being studied?• Are women and minorities being lumped into the same cat- egories, even though the issues affecting them may be significantly different?The division also has come to emphasize the importance of a team approach. Komisaruk, associate dean of the graduate school, professor of psychology, and Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor at Rutgers University and, in addition, a program director in the MORE Division when the RFA was being developed.As Singh explained, “you need people who know how to run a program, people who know how to ask questions, and people who know how to design an experiment and analyze the data. Do laboratory experiences, mentor- ing, academic enrichment, and other interventions really stimulate students to enter careers in biomedical and behavioral research?3 The Elements of Effective Research O ne of the most applied sessions of the workshop featured a series of presentations on planning and conducting research on the effectiveness of interventions.Describing these meth- ods in a single session is “taking on the impossible,” acknowledged committee co-chair and session moderator Larry V. Students spend a significant portion of their time in graduate school studying these issues.


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