Emotional Intelligence Dissertation Results

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If you conduct a search of what emotional intelligence means or a definition, you may come across several explanations.

You can come up with your own definition to help you determine a good topic idea for your dissertation.

As you develop a better understand this makes selecting a topic easier.

As a student learning the subject matter your definition may be different from others, but it is a chance to develop something new based on your perception.

Academic performance of medical school students was measured using continuous assessment (CA) and final examination (FE) results.

The first- and final-year students were invited to participate during their second semester.In a more direct way, EI facilitates prioritizing of thoughts, behaviour regulation and appropriately adapted lifestyle choices which benefits academic performance [2].Emotional intelligence, one of the psycho-affective domains, in medical education, has also been related to clinical performance and higher academic achievement [6]; and in clinical practice, has been related to improved empathy in medical consultation, doctor-patient relationships, clinical performance and patient satisfaction [7–10].Recovery and therapeutic processes for patients could be more effective with a doctor who was communicating empathetically, ethically and competently [14, 15].These professional attributes are well enshrined in the Fundamentals of Professionalism- the physician charter by the ABIM Foundation, Foundation of Medical Ethics and Principles of Biomedical Ethics [16, 17].The former generally refers to cognitive knowledge and technical skills, while the latter infers being virtuous and resilient, both mentally and emotionally.The latter quality has increasingly been recognized as equally, if not more important, and could well contribute to the former [20–22].A dissertation can show how emotional intelligence helps people sustain positive relationships on the job or at home with family and friends.In this case, a dissertation would explore deeper elements related to emotional and mental health.There is an urgent need today to inculcate the virtues of patient-care and self-care in healthcare professionals [12–14].Patients need more than what a purely analytical doctor can offer.


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