English Colonization Of North America Essay

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As English colonies, particularly in the south, focused on establishing an agrarian society; the Spanish did not focus as much on maintaining an agriculture based society.

In marked contrast to England’s compact, densely populated settlements on the Atlantic, Spain established far-flung inland networks of fortified trading posts and missions.

The Spanish too had similar ways of acquiring cheap labor services by establishing the Encomienda system.

This system, unlike the English, exploited the Indians for personal profits rather than slaves imported from Africa.

Essay titles can explore these issues by focusing on the geographical conditions of the settlements and how they affected the settlers.

The settlements' effect on the geographical and environmental conditions the indigenous peoples had been used to could also be an essay topic.

Upon moving to the continent, they began to shape its development in ways that were motivated by their beliefs.

Essays on this might discuss the New England Puritans' attempts to create a model society, the effect of religious movements on the social landscape and the effect of the Enlightenment on the popularity and intensity of religious belief. John has been writing career- and business-related articles since 2007.

Also, social rank was of great importance in England. Land Enclosures had done just that sending farmers in search of a new life.

Some hoped to go past their branded social status and star anew and to “create” a new image. Departing to go to the “New World” was quite risky but why would you not leave if you had nothing to lose? The law of primogeniture added to this idea as well.


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