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You’ll probably be writing very quickly in the exam, which means that your handwriting will probably be less legible than usual.Doing practice essays is a good way to find ways of making your handwriting neater, especially if you do the mock exams under timed conditions.

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As usual, get hold of some past papers and answer all of the questions that are relevant to your course.

If you get tired of writing whole essays, then at least you can attempt writing essay plans for them.

If it helps, you can even use descriptions of the characters’ looks to sketch them, giving you a broader picture of what they would be like.

For the story, try to reduce the book into the key events.

If the examiner can’t read your work, they won’t mark it.

Therefore, you should spend some time practising handwriting if you think yours isn’t up to standard.

Preferably, you should try to write these under exam conditions, using the same timings as those in the real exam.

The first step to success at English GCSE is to know what you’re talking about.

If it helps, cut out joined-up handwriting in favour of print handwriting, so that the examiner is more likely to be able to understand what words you’ve written.

When it comes to success at English GCSE, the most valuable thing is to plan your essay before you begin.


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