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Hopefully, this guide will help you decipher my comments.

Hopefully, this guide will help you decipher my comments.

4th sentence: CM #2: This is even further explanation, connection, or illumination.

I encourage you to go beyond two sentences of commentary, but you should start with at least two. Oftentimes, your meaning can be more accurately conveyed with the proper choice of words.

For example, the language chosen for a dissertation on advanced algebra would not only contain jargon specific to that field of study; the writer would also have the expectation that the intended reader possessed an advanced level of understanding in the given subject matter that at a minimum equaled, or potentially outpaced his or her own.

On the other hand, an author writing a children's book would choose age-appropriate words that kids could understand and relate to.

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If you struggle with writing, make sure to give yourself enough time to contact me (or someone else who can help with writing).*ESSAY CORRECTIONS: Oftentimes, I tend to abbreviate as I grade papers.The words a writer chooses are the building materials from which he or she constructs any given piece of writing—from a poem to a speech to a thesis on thermonuclear dynamics.Strong, carefully chosen words (also known as diction) ensure that the finished work is cohesive and imparts the meaning or information the author intended.In addition, writers must also be able to distinguish themselves from other writers by selecting a vocabulary that creates and sustains a style that is authentic to their own voice.When writing for a literary audience, individual taste is yet another huge determining factor with regard to which writer a reader considers a "good" and who they may find intolerable. For example, William Faulker and Ernest Hemmingway were both considered giants of 20th-century American literature, and yet their styles of writing could not be more different.Someone who adores Faulkner's languorous stream-of-consciousness style may disdain Hemmingway's spare, staccato, unembellished prose, and vice versa.Overall, excellent essay-writing must be logical, persuasive and creative, teaming your personal engagement with the text with the ability to observe, analyse and argue a series of coherent and concise points.If words are too difficult or too technical, the receiver may not understand them; if words are too simple, the reader could become bored or be insulted. Word choice is also a consideration when communicating with receivers for whom English is not the primary language [who] may not be familiar with colloquial English." Word choice is an essential element for any student learning to write effectively.In either case, ​the message falls short of meeting its goals . Appropriate word choice allows students to display their knowledge, not just about English, but with regard to any given field of study from science and mathematics to civics and history.First, a writer must consider the constraints for the chosen discipline in which they are writing.Since literary pursuits as such as poetry and fiction can be broken down into an almost endless variety of niches, genres, and subgenres, this alone can be daunting.


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