Environmental Science Related Thesis

The study/research areas of the Environmental Studies doctoral programme are described here, just as the requested research character of the papers.

Demand for ecosystem services is now so high that it has become a rule that compromises must be taken in providing these services.

The problem posed by the increasing demand for ecosystem services results from an increasingly serious disruption of ecosystems' ability to provide these services.

through the development of partial or general equilibrium models). The study may also focus on the issue of measuring economic sustainability mainly by theoretically justified sustainability indicators (e.g. CSc., Charles University Environment Center) The impact of information on public perception depends largely on timing.

Genuine Savings) and a critical assessment of the adjustments to national accounts aggregates (e.g. For example, important economic indicators (including especially GDP figures) have a great impact on the society also due to the fact that the methodology of their calculation enables to provide information almost "real time".

resource depletion, defensive expenditures, externalities) or development of alternative indicators. In contrast, environmental indicators have until now generally been long overdue.

There are currently some environmental indicators which are currently perceived as very important, but because of the delays their social effectiveness is limited. Bedřich Moldan, CSc., Charles University Environment Center) In the context of climate change, much attention is devoted to the gradual transformation of the entire energy system.

Recent research suggests that one of the main objectives of the development of human society should be the improvement of the quality of life.

The aim of this research is to propose a consistent system of monitoring objective and subjective indicators of quality of life and on the example of Czech Republic test the possibilities of its inclusion into the national system of collection and presentation of statistical data.

The advantage of empirical research is the possibility to address some of the methodological or theoretical issues related to valuation.

Conducting empirical research implies applying a relevant quantitative (statistical, econometric) analysis. D., Charles University Environment Center) The research aim is the valuation of impacts on human health and discomfort (e.g.


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