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The LEADER programmes seek to develop tourism projects in rural areas, with consideration of all aspects of rural tourism.This includes bed and breakfasts, farms (for example, farming holidays, or petting farms), equine, hunting and fishing tourism, traditional skills (such as residential dry-stone walling courses, or blacksmithing), food and drink (including pubs), and arts and crafts (for instance, local galleries).This dissertation investigates the phenomenon of ‘slum tourism’, which dates back more than one hundred years.

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This thesis examines the success of the project in restoring cultural and ecological integrity to the area, without any diminution of the economic benefits that the region needs for survival.

A particular focus is the success of tourism training projects among the indigenous residents of the area, and the effect of such training on tourism, given that eco- and adventure tourism continues to rise.

Suggested initial topic reading: An evaluation of the success of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project in Nepal and its continuing effects on eco- and adventure tourism.

The Annapurna Conservation Project Area in Nepal seeks to redress the balance lost in the expansion of trekking tourism over the last thirty years.

Suggested initial topic reading: Capacity in the London hotel market, after the London Olympics 2012.

This dissertation researches the risks in the London hotel market, focussing on over-capacity, in the wake of the London Olympics 2012.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Topics with Titles Service.Additionally, it provides recommendations for hotel operators to minimise such effects after other large-scale events.Suggested initial topic reading: A proposal for a co-operative corporate social responsibility model for small, independent hotels.The increasing Chinese presence – both diplomatically and commercially – in Africa offers new markets for safari operators, particularly in a global environment of burgeoning Chinese-oriented tourism.This paper explores the potential for tour operators to promote safaris specifically to a Chinese market, including issues of cultural awareness, pricing, shopping, and accommodation, from the perspectives of both hunting and photographic safaris.Changes in slum tourism to South Africa, dating from the 1980s, is evaluated throughout its ‘progress’ to the present day, and compared to those tours currently being offered to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Dharavi, India.The paper evaluates whether the residents of slums receive any short- or long-term benefit from such exposure, thus determining its value.Lee and Jang (2012) suggest that over-capacity is a natural phenomenon, preferable to under-capacity, occurring in cycles, and is often related to specific events.In light of articles stressing over-capacity in London prior to the Olympics (Blitz, 2012), this paper evaluates how severe the after-shocks of the Olympics are likely to be in the London hotel market, both in the luxury and non-luxury sectors.


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