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We were extremely frugal with our spending which forced us to prioritize efforts and focus.At one point, we won a startup competition that granted us ,000 which was a really big deal at the time.Getable offers all users the sorts of perks that were previously only available to the largest construction companies. My wife and I were living in California, competing in a triathlon in North Carolina.

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Now, three years later, Getable continues to serve those looking for construction rentals, from contractors to homeowners, and offers them a wealth of information and discount opportunities.

Hyer went Behind the Business Plan with Business News Daily to discuss Getable's success and what he's learned as an entrepreneur through the last six years.

BND: Hyer: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Early on, and every step of the way, I’ve tried to surround myself with people who are smarter than myself.

Business News Daily: Tim Hyer: Getable is the easiest way to rent construction equipment.

We position ourselves as “your equipment rental concierge” to take care of anyone who needs construction equipment – whether contractors, installation professionals, facilities managers, homeowners, etc.We invested it into critical business needs, including an industry trade show where we launched our idea to the public.BND: Hyer: At the earliest stages of a startup, all energy goes into breathing life into an idea.You need to make mistakes early on to develop the muscle memory required to recognize patterns and avoid bigger issues down the road.There have been many hard times along the way, but the company is only better for them.As tough as some of the phases of this company have been, I can’t say I would have done anything differently.I believe learning is one of the most important aspects of running a startup.Your startup is all you can think about so it becomes difficult to separate work and life.For this reason, it becomes easy to invest personal money into the business, which makes it difficult to track.When working on a brand new problem that no one has attempted to solve before, the possibilities are limitless -- as are the distractions.We learned this lesson the hard way when we pivoted the business from “rent anything” to “rent construction equipment.” We are so much better off for this focused approach and I’d recommend the same to any startup company.


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