Ernest Jones Essays Applied Psychoanalysis

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The field over which it can be applied is almost indefinitely large. They seem to share the shyness or even aversion displayed by the world at large against too searching an analysis of a thing of beauty, the feeling expressed in Keats lines on the pris matic study of the rainbow.

Published by International Psychoanalytic Press, London – Vienna : The International Psycho-Analytical Library V (This book includes Jones’s essay on Hamlet.

This chapter is founded on an essay which appeared in the American Journal of Psychology, January 1910, an enlarged version of which was published in German as Heft 10 of the Schriften zur angewandten Seelenkunde under the name ‘Das Problem des Hamlet und der Oedipus-Komplex’, 1911). A Psycho-Analytical Contribution to Political Psychology.

5 ESSAYS IN APPLIED PSYCHO-ANALYSIS BY ERNEST JONES, M. PRESIDENT OF THE INTERNATIONAL PSYCHO-ANALYTICAL ASSOCIATION AND OF THE BRITISH PSYCHO-ANALYTICAL SOCIETY THE INTERNATIONAL PSYCHO - ANALYTICAL PRESS LONDON MCMXXIII VIENNA COPYRIGHT 1923 CONTENTS THE ANNUNCIATION BY SIMONE MARTINI Frontispiece PAGE PREFACE vii CHAPTER I A Psycho-Analytic Study of Hamlet i CHAPTER II On 4 Dying Together, with Special reference to Heinrich von Kleists Suicide 99 CHAPTER ffl An Unusual Case of Dying Together . The Belief that One is God, and the Resulting Character Traits 204 CHAPTER VI The Influence of Andrea del Sartos Wife on his Art . A Con tribution to the Relation between Aesthetics and Religion 261 CHAPTER IX War and Individual Psychology 360 t CHAPTER X War and Sublimation 381 CHAPTER XI PAGE A Linguistic Factor in English Characterology 391 CHAPTER XII The Island of Ireland.

106 CHAPTER IV The Symbolic Significance of Salt in Folklore and Superstition 112 CHAPTER V The God Complex. 227 CHAPTER VII The Case of Louis Bonaparte, King of Holland 245 CHAPTER VIII The Madonnas Conception through the Ear.


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