Essay About Benefit Of Study Group

Essay About Benefit Of Study Group-22
This essay examines the advantages of individual study and group study.

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This method helps them to score well at the academic level.

Secondly, the attention span and the grasping power differ from one student to another.

Because every individual has a unique pattern of catching the points, group study is more beneficial to share knowledge.

Besides, it will help others to aware about all the aspects of that particular topic.

Thus individual study will help the pupils to learn things in a more systematic way. On the other hand, it is fairly easy to understand the importance of group study.

Firstly, studying along with their friends helps them to gain more knowledge.If you want to succeed in a difficult course at Delaware Valley University, you’ll need put all of your effort into paying attention in class, communicating with your professor and setting aside time to study the material.However, it’s common for some students to have trouble fully grasping the course material on their own. Study groups among students in the same Del Val class enhance your ability to learn the material and make sure that you’re ready for any projects or exams.Because you have an obligation to attend the study group meeting, you’ll be sure to be there on time, engage with the other students and work to better understand the material.This can be a much better solution than studying in your room alone, which makes it ever so tempting to turn on Netflix or scroll through Facebook. Gain a New Perspective on the Material When you work alongside your fellow classmates, you can entertain new ideas and gain a fresh perspective on the material.Secondly, when we study in a group it is easy to find solutions for our problems.This is because we can clear our doubts with others those who are more intelligent at that time itself. Also, we can identify our weakness and with the help of our friends we can boost our weakness. Another important benefit of studying in a group is that it can improve our memory.Furthermore, studying along with others rather than individual study motivates us. For instance, if we study any procedure or principle relating with our friends or by making small fun with them, it helps to remain for a long time.To conclude, when we analyse both methods of studying, I personally prefer to group study than individual study.In their view, it is also important that participants shouldn't know each other and that natural settings are rarely used.However, I shall also be examining the research of Cohen and Garett (1999), which demonstrates the effectiveness of focus groups even when these 'regulations' are not rigidly upheld.


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