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Respect is recognition of virtues of a person, careful, tactful treatment of other person, attention to his interests, ideas, recognition of rights equality.Self-respect is respectful treatment of yourself, your personality.It means that if self-respect is an essential feature of any mentally healthy man, then reaction to respect or its absence in relationships with other person is programmed in relationships from the very beginning.

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It can be love, formal, sexual, relative, gender and other relationships. Respect can be sincere, honest, real, but also flattering, false.

Respect is expressed and demonstrated in words and behaviour, and we all know that human actions can come “from soul”, as well as can be caused by different personal aims.

Important thing about respect is to show such an attitude for the person that he / she thinks he / she deserves.

Respect and self-respect It would seem that definition of self-respect is quite simple.

Today we can hear very often that someone has low self-esteem. Though usually people with extremely high self-esteem seek for the help of psychologists, claiming that other people do not love, do not respect and do not appreciate them.

How to develop self-respect and get respect of others?

There is saying: “Every person is not a friend, not an enemy, but a teacher”.

Remember it and will be able to treat everyone as a teacher, who can give you new experience and knowledge. When there is respect, there is also mutual understanding. If you need to correct someone, first show your respect, then correct. Relationships bloom on the soil of trust and respect.

In fact, we respect a person when we highly evaluate him in general or for some reasons.

We often say: “I respect you as a human being, but I can not stand your personality”, or something like that.


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