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These presentations are given in a multitude of languages at various venues throughout the host city.Not surprisingly, one of the largest groups of pilgrims at every comes from the English-speaking world, so there is typically one very large English catechesis center.The world's largest gathering of Catholic youth takes place in Cologne in mid-August.

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Security will be at an all-time high as Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Germany for the first time since taking over the papal seat from his predecessor John Paul II.

Police and intelligence officers will be doing everything they can to ensure safety in the crowds and ward off any possible attacks.

(July 31, 2005) The launch of the World Youth Day festival is still days away but the merchandising has already hit the streets.

And from the choices on view, shopaholic pilgrims will have no problem sating their appetites. 12, 2005) The timing couldn't be better: Just as women across Germany are demanding more rights and offices in the Catholic Church, the Cologne Cathedral has presented its first four female supervisory stewards. Ex-Pope Benedict XVI says the sexual revolution of the 1960s is to answer for child sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

Most are staying in schools and people's homes, but a mosque, a farm and IKEA have all welcomed pilgrims. 15, 2005) About 800,000 young Catholics are expected to attend World Youth Day in Cologne in August.

Many require a visa to enter Germany: Foreign ministry officials have thought of a somewhat unusual way to prevent abuse.Described as the biggest high-profile international event to take place in the Rhine region in the last decades, the World Youth Day requires an immense amount of logistical planning covering everything from visa applications and accommodation for pilgrims to organizing volunteers, to ensuring protection of the environment.Of course, the event also presents itself as a showcase for the Catholic Church and for the new pope in particular.All eyes will be on Germany's Benedict XVI, watching for signs of how he plans to lead the church on key controversial issues.DW-WORLD will follow these events from the preparation stage to the opening and closing ceremonies, all the while providing insight on the main points of discussion.(July 6, 2005) The Catholic and Protestant Churches dominate Germany's religious community.DW-WORLD takes a look at some of the issues the two groups face as they struggle to maintain members and hold on to their traditions in a modern society.John Paul II) at the event that he, himself, created ( celebrations that did not receive as much attention as these other details, yet it was revolutionary.I am speaking about the music used at the major English-speaking catechesis sessions.For those who are not familiar, World Youth Day is not really a day, but a week.During the days leading up to the main weekend events with the Holy Father, pilgrims attend morning & afternoon catechesis sessions.


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