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The play ‘Philadelphia, here I come’ focuses on Gareth O’Donnell on the night before he is due to leave Donegal for America.

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Throughout the play, there is much evidence to support the claim that the play is a tragedy.

The running theme of the bad relationship between Gar and his father is undoubtedly tragic, and this is made worse by the fact that their problems are never resolved.

Overall the sarcastic commentary of Private Gar is the main aspect of comedy in the play, providing humorously cutting insults for the reader to enjoy.

This also highlights the differences between Private Gar and Public Gar, who keeps what he feels to himself – Private Gar expresses what Public Gar feels, and does the things that Public Gar would like to do.

” This barrage of complaints and reckless sarcastic comments quite quickly succeed in driving Kate away once more.

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Again, he immediately regrets what he has done and buries his head in his hands.

” Although this shows that he is indeed angry with her, Public Gar jumps to her defence saying, “No, no; my fault – all my fault.” When she visits later on to say goodbye, he is very short with her and snaps at her with almost every sentence.

He berates her with reasons why Ballybeg is an abhorrent place and points out, “you’re stuck here!

Their flourishing love was cut short partly due to Gar’s inability to communicate his feelings.

Upon discovering that Kate’s parents hope that she will marry the more refined and wealthier Dr.


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