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Unlike conventional student financial assistance such as grants, scholarships, and loans, the IRS classifies GA stipends as regular income that is subject to federal, state, and local taxes.As educational institutions rarely deduct such withholdings, it the recipient's sole responsibility to reserve funds to meet these obligations.You may also have to provide academic transcripts and/or academic writing samples.

Instead of annual salaries or hourly wages, GA positions pay a periodic fixed sum called a "stipend." Pay Scale, Inc. graduate assistants ranged between $13,472 and $40,712 with a median amount of $21,833.

is a well-respected company that is widely recognized as the Web's biggest disseminator of real-time data on benefits and compensation throughout thousands of industries and occupations. Specific stipend amounts vary greatly and depend primarily on the student's institution, grade level, job duties, applicable academic discipline(s) involved, and geographical location.

Previous experience in programming and organizing learn-to-swim programs, summer camps, staff supervision, pump room and water clarity maintenance preferred. Develop, coordinate, market and lead the Seahawk Recreation Leadership Series (workshops/trainings/activities designed to promote professional and personal development in and out of the workplace).

Work collaboratively to create goals, objectives and outcomes for the Seahawk Recreation Development Program.

Conduct assessment and solicit feedback of trainings and development modules. Specific duties include: recruiting, training, scheduling, supervising, and evaluating (including video evaluation) officials for assigned intramural sports activities; training, scheduling, supervising, and evaluating support staff for assigned intramural sports or Sport Club activities; maintaining accurate statistical records related to participation, budget, and equipment inventory; coordinating and communicating departmental programs and services to designated student representative groups; and conducting/instructing clinics and workshops on rules, playing techniques, officiating procedures, and intramural sports policies. Reports to the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation - Facility Operations Position Filled '19-'20 Contact: David Parker [email protected] Graduate Assistant for Facility Operations will assist with the overall operation of the Student Recreation Center for recreational programs.

This Graduate Assistant will work collaboratively with all professional staff members and Graduate Assistants within Campus Recreation. Previous experience leading employee training, group facilitation, and team-building is preferred. Mentor assigned Sport Clubs; assist with Sport Club Council meetings and officer trainings, club budget allocation, roster and waiver management, home event planning and management, etc. Prepare and supervise facilities for departmental programs; assist with scheduling of space and maintenance of equipment inventory; manage student team members including scheduling, training (conduct in-service trainings and staff meetings) and evaluating; evaluate facilities for continued operational effectiveness; and conduct risk management safety inspections. Reports to the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation - Fitness and Aquatics Position Filled '19-'20 Contact: David Parker [email protected] include planning, organizing, administering, and supervising fitness programs and team members as assigned.

All these fringe benefits add up to a phenomenal post-graduation payback.

As the title implies, graduate assistantships entail employment in a supportive capacity while pursuing post-graduate education.

Finally, unlike conventional professional employment, typical maximum GA tenure is one academic year.

Thus, GA stipends offer students little or no long-term economic security.


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