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FC: Do you remember the first example that came to your mind?FML: One message has to do with the fundamental notion, which you hear everywhere, that "We've hit the limits of the finite Earth." Gradually I realized that this is a mechanical metaphor — it's quantitative, not ecological.We know it helped degrade our democracy as it opened the floodgates to independent, corporate campaign spending and enabled additional rulings that have led to Super PACs,...

So, of course, I imagine her appearing in sleek suit, high heels, and full-on makeup. We’re all supposed to love this set-up because competition among companies gives us ever cooler products and always better deals. Most coverage of the Yellow Vest movement in France—lasting seven weeks and drawing hundreds of thousands onto the streets—misses a key question, and one at the heart of our own nation’s journey.

We’re told the diesel tax hike was the “last straw” for the rural, working poor unable to make ends...

FRITJOF CAPRA: In your latest book,, you pose the question, "Is there a way of perceiving the environmental challenge that is at once hardheaded, evidence based, and invigorating?

" And then you write, "I believe it is possible that we can turn today's breakdown into a planetary breakthrough on one condition.

We can do it if we can break free of a set of dominant but misleading ideas that are taking us down." When did it occur to you that we could have an invigorating approach to solving environmental problems?

FRANCES MOORE LAPPÉ: It was a totally unplanned book, and it has changed my life. I had just heard the most knowledgeable environmental leaders and the most amazing speeches over several days, but I noticed that, as the hours went by, the crowds were shrinking in these brilliant lectures.

If your child were dying of a disease that only a costly drug could cure, would you not go to any lengths to get it? And that’s exactly what we face today, as our children’s future is dying, not to mention a habitable planet for all. Read more On Democracy, Did Our Highest Court Ignore Its Strongest Argument?

Americans may disagree about many things, but most of us come together in loathing the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United .

It started when I walked out of a conference in Washington, D. I walked out, and I felt deflated, like the proverbial ton of bricks had just hit me. This can't work." I was reacting to the framing of the messages.

They seemed still locked in the mechanical, quantitative frame, and thus not really reflecting ecological truths, which for me means focusing on the quality of relationships.


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