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Candidates for the GED tests are individuals who have not earned a high school diploma.The GED Tests are standardized regularly by testing a sample of graduating high school seniors.I think that the details is really what needs work in this essay…

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how those behaviors then become bad adult behavior when the child grows up.

I’d like to see the middle paragraph talk about a couple of specific examples of bad behavior children might have, where they come from, and how they become bad adult behaviors.

GED Scores Your GED Scores are comprised of two items: your GED standard score and your percentile rank.

Each of the five main GED tests (writing, social studies, science, reading, mathematics) is scored on a scale of 200-800. The GED Standard Score is intended to compare your performance relative to graduating seniors who took the test.

I'm sharing my evaluation because it's so helpful to see a sample of what to look for.

Whenever I look at an essay, I look at the same things the GED (and TASC and Hi SET! I think you did a pretty good job staying focused on the question of why people continue to do things, even though they know they’re harmful or bad.

Your raw GED Score is determined by giving you 1 point for each correct answer and 0 points for each incorrect answer.

Your raw score is then “equated” to derive a scaled score. CK-12 Foundation - Sat Prep - the SAT - Not affiliated with or endorsed by the American Council on Education (“ACE”) or GED Testing Service LLC.

You say that it starts in childhood and that the behavior continues to adulthood, and then you tell how you think children get into bad behaviors.

I wonder, though, if you could take one specific example and follow it through from beginning to end?


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