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She uses the metaphor of men and women being half human because of certain things holding them aback.

For example, â€Å"Men are not allowed to cry.† And â€Å"as women are only half-human, until we can go this next step forward.† This shows that women can’t feel whole or complete until she is equal with men.

Friedan says in the last paragraph â€Å"relate to each other in terms of all of the possible dimensions of our personalities – male and female, as comrades, as colleagues, as friends, as lovers.† Firstly she shows that they are separate as she disconnects by separating the genders, â€Å"male and female†.

However, she then describes both the male and female population together â€Å"as comrades†.

A bibliography following the MLA Handbook must be included.

Essays should use a variety of sources—academic journals, news magazines, newspapers, books, government documents, publications from research organizations. Students may be attending a public, private, or parochial school.She uses this pessimistic language to show how men have been holding back women and their struggle for identity.She says â€Å"men are going to bear the guilty burden of the passive destiny they have forced upon women,† The word forced is quite a harsh and aggressive word and this shows how she feel women have been treated by the other sex.Your essay will become the property of the American Foreign Service Association once it is submitted, and will not be returned. PRIVACY POLICY: AFSA collects your information for this contest and for AFSA partners.You may be signed up to receive updates or information from AFSA and our partners.At least three of the cited materials should be primary sources (a document, speech, or other sort of evidence written, created or otherwise produced during the time under study). Entries from home-schooled students are also accepted.General encyclopedias, including Wikipedia, are not acceptable as sources. Previous first-place winners and immediate relatives of directors or staff of the AFSA, the U. Institute of Peace, Semester at Sea and National Student Leadership Conference are not eligible to participate.You may receive a message from our sponsor regarding their program offerings, with the option to opt-out.You will be notified if you are the winner or an honorable mention in June 2019.Whether you are addressing the prompt for a second year or are new to the contest, this contest will challenge you to expand your understanding of the role of the Foreign Service and other actors in foreign policy, identify case studies, and provide a sophisticated analysis in a concise manner.Please note: participants in the 2018 contest may participate in the 2019 contest, but no essays submitted for consideration in the 2018 contest will be accepted.


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