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One Homebrew member was a college dropout called Steve Wozniak who built a simple computer around the 8080 microprocessor, which he hooked up to a keyboard and television.His friend Steve Jobs called it the Apple I and found a Silicon Valley shop that wanted to buy 100 of them for 0 each.

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Apple had its first sale and Silicon Valley’s start-up culture was born.

Another college drop-out, Bill Gates, realized that PCs needed software and that people were willing to pay for it—his Microsoft would sell the programs. In 1950 he published a paper called “” He had an idea that computers would become so powerful that they would think.

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In it Turing presented a theoretical machine that could solve any problem that could be described by simple instructions encoded on a paper tape.

How can one expect a machine to do all this multitudinous variety of things?

The answer is that we should consider the machine to be doing something quite simple, namely carrying out orders given to it in a standard form which it is able to understand.” ; they were excited by the potential the new silicon chips had to let them build their own computers.

When men left for war the shortage got worse, so the U. mechanized the problem by building the Harvard Mark 1, an electromechanical monster 50 feet long.

It could do calculations in seconds that took people hours.

One Turing Machine could calculate square roots, whilst another might solve Sudoku puzzles.

Turing demonstrated you could construct a single that could simulate any Turing Machine.


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