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This article considers the role occupational therapy can play in sustaining earth’s resources, and what the barriers to people recycling may be.The ability to carry out an occupation can be impacted by climate change, and occupations themselves can also affect climate change by either contributing to or helping preventing it.

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Where acceptable to the client, occupational therapists should encourage occupations to be achieved using environmentally sound methods.

The occupational therapist may need to work with professionals who have knowledge int his area since it not an area of expertise for OTs themselves.

Much work, however, is far removed from food production or even from direct production of commodities at all.“With the growth of service indus­tries in the modern economy, fewer and fewer people work at producing material objects and more and more work at manipulating paper and people”— Peter Worsley.

Thus, people work more today to satisfy social and psychological needs.(iii) People Work Not Just for Money: It is wrong to assume that man always works or is in some occupation or the other, just for money.

It is true that in a subsistence economy money, or its equivalent economic reward is of paramount importance-life in fact, depends on it. But when the situation improves and money becomes sufficient or abundant, it loses its importance.

Security, good working conditions, opportunity for promotion, mental satisfaction, status, etc., usually become more important.

However, there are also the leisure classes, the non-working people.

In reality, even the leisure classes do some kind of work.


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