Essay Impact Of Internet On Society

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The fact remains that we all use the internet increasingly more these days on account of the fact that we can now carry out several tasks from being online.

Internet has changed our lives in every manner and there is no doubt about it.

There are tons of advantages of the Internet that shows us the importance of this new and useful medium.

Apps like whatsapp and facebook are the most famous and socially acceptable form of internet and most used also.

Internet allows us to know what's happening in the world and gives us the access to it, for eg through internet only everyone got to know about this essay competition.

Internet if used in the correct and careful manner then it is the most powerful and useful thing one can have.

As we know, most software costs us quite a lot, if we buy it legally.

If we talk about the offices these days whether government or private, computers and Internet play a major role in it.

Almost every work in offices requires access to Internet and it is very hard to do work without it.

These are some of the positive and negative impacts of Internet.

It is hard to imagine our world without it for we have become truly entwined with everything that the net has to offer us.


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