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Christianity regards the collections of books known as the Bible as authoritative and written by human authors under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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Theologians may undertake the study of Christian theology for a variety of reasons, such as in order to: Christian theology varies significantly across the main branches of Christian tradition: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.

Each of those traditions has its own unique approaches to seminaries and ministerial formation.

Around 400, Jerome produced the Vulgate, a definitive Latin edition of the Bible, the contents of which, at the insistence of the Pope, was in accord with the earlier Synods.

It can be said that this process effectively set the New Testament canon, although there are examples of other canonical lists in use after this time.

General revelation occurs through observation of the created order.

Such observations can logically lead to important conclusions, such as the existence of God and some of God's attributes.Paul is referring to the Old Testament, since the scriptures have been known by Timothy from "infancy" (verse 15).Others offer an alternative reading for the passage; for example, theologian C. Dodd suggests that it "is probably to be rendered" as: "Every inspired scripture is also useful..." Some modern English versions of the Bible renders theopneustos with "God-breathed" (NIV) or "breathed out by God" (ESV) to avoid the word inspiration, unlike its Latin root.Christianity considers the Bible as divinely or supernaturally revealed or inspired.Such revelation does not always require the presence of God or an angel.General revelation is also an element of Christian apologetics.Certain specifics, such as the Trinity and the Incarnation, are revealed in the teachings in the Scriptures and can not otherwise be deduced except by special revelation.Early Christians used the Septuagint, a Koine Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures.Christianity subsequently added various writings that would become the New Testament.The Second Epistle of Peter claims that "no prophecy of Scripture ...was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit" (2 Pet –21).


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