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Without taxation, Hamilton argues, “one of two evils must ensue; either the people must be subjected to continual plunder, as a substitute for a more eligible mode of supplying the public wants, or the government must sink into a fatal atrophy, and, in a short course of time, perish.” These are startlingly bold words on a topic very much connected to today’s news.

Share with us whether these quotes have illuminated for you any of the issues currently at play in public debates.

Hamilton means that taking away liberty would destroy the factions, but it would also destroy others’ happiness.

The second option – giving everyone the same opinions – is also impossible.

In response to The Federalist Papers, Anti-Federalists even published an impressive collection of political writings called The Anti-Federalist Papers.

Anti-Federalists opposed making the government stronger, in the fear that giving more power to a president might lead to a monarchy.

Luckily for you, we have all the tools you need to master the Fathers’ contributions to the American government.

In this APUSH crash course review, we will talk about one of the key documents that could appear on the AP exam: Federalist Number 10. 10 is an essay written by James Madison, which appeared in The Federalist Papers.

With election season underway, you might find this sampling of quotations useful to back up an argument for your stance on an issue, on everything from size of government to domestic unrest to the need for taxation for defense spending and national debts.

From the The last excerpt above could launch any number of talking points by presidential hopefuls.


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