Essay Of Development In Childhood

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Demi is able to smile undoubtedly at about six weeks as she is able to recognise faces.

Demi is able to smile undoubtedly at about six weeks as she is able to recognise faces.

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When Demi reaches this age she is able to play together and join in team games.

At the age of 10 Demi will begin to cope with her feelings.

As Demi grows she develops and her balance becomes very excellent. Intellectual development-Her development of the brain is all part of being a child. She begins to mix her different skills to complete a full task.

For example playing a game of tennis requires Demi to understand the rules(intellectual development), to be able to throw the ball in the correct direction(physical development) and she can talk to her team mates about the approach to follow.

She found it difficult to concentrate in school and join activities.

Furthermore she was checked into rehab to receive treatment in self-harm and bulimia.

At this stage of an individual, they start to hit puberty and they need their family and friends around to help them get through this stage in life however as life tends to go on they will start to get used to the idea.

When Demi was a teenager she was bullied she could not handle the pain that she was going through daily so she needed a distraction that’s when she started her singing career.

She went through a difficult faze growing up as a child from a very young age.

Demi also revealed she started self-harming when she was 12 years old and admits to getting into a difficult situation with drugs and alcohol.


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