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It is a key issue for you – you have accountability through the role you perform, and you’ll be held accountable for your actions as part of that role.But the fact of the matter is that if we carry out our duties as we’ve been trained, if we don’t try to step over the mark and do something we haven’t been trained to do, if we always act in what we believe is the patient’s/client’s best interest, and if we’re prepared to challenge a senior colleague who asks us to do something we don’t feel confident about, then we’ll realise that accountability isn’t something to be scared of – it’s something to take pride in.

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Contemporary definitions of safe healthcare have revolved around the provision of care free from the occurrence of preventable harm and avoidable adverse client outcomes (Institute of Medicine 1999; Isaac et al. Early Australian research suggested that individual, technical and organisational factors could all contribute to adverse events and that up to half of all such events may be potentially preventable (Wilson et al. Several common risk factors for the occurrence of adverse client outcomes and clinical error have been identified, including clinician misjudgement, interpersonal interaction shortcomings, insufficient policy, inadequate clinical practice frameworks and support systems and the existence of clinical systems with vulnerabilities related to deliberate misuse behaviours (Chang et al. Lucy Coyle works at Expert Assignment as an Academic Help Expert.There’s no doubt that both these situations can arise.As a health care assistant, you’re trusted by patients/clients and your employer to perform your duties competently, safely and effectively.Accountability is also part of delegation (which refers to a registered member of staff delegating a task to you and you accepting the task).Both the registered member of staff and you have accountability for ensuring the task you’ve been delegated is appropriate and will cause the patient/client no harm.Formalizing your values and mission can help you make sure your organization is moving in a positive direction.You can adapt your strategy and tactics to make sure your organization’s actions align with its mission and values.A lack of accountability can even put patients’ lives at risk.A study by the Journal of Patient Safety found that more than 210,000 hospital patients die each year from hospital-related infections or medical mistakes.If you stray from the standard that’s expected of you, you’re letting your patients/clients and your employer down.You’ll be held accountable for what you’ve done, and yes, that can lead to disciplinary or court action, depending on the severity of the situation.


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