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Animal Farm is a prime example of devotion and the loyalty that is vital for success.

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Devoted by Keeping God's Commandments As God's children, we are wholly devoted to the Lord. Solomon, bringing the ark of the covenant into the temple, called on the people to be wholly devoted to God by keeping His commandments.

Notice that Solomon was wholly devoted to God when keeping His commandments.

Devoted to Every Good Work To sum it all up, we are dedicated to every good work. Therefore we keep His commandments, and devote ourselves to every good work.

In giving the qualifications of a widow who could be put on the roll, Paul says she must have "devoted herself to every good work" (1 Tim. As Christians, we devote ourselves to good works, "which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them" (Eph.

Last night, young people from several congregations came to our house for a Bible study, which they call a devotional.

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"Devotional" is an expedient term, like "gospel meeting", that describes the Bible study, which is geared toward encouraging devotion to God.

Boxer adopts a new personal motto of “I will work harder” static from the beginning of the novel to his death (murder). Even when the windmill is destroyed and it is time for Boxer’s long waited retirement he continues to strive forward and push his body to the max showing loyalty to Napoleon time and time again, reflecting his other motto “Napoleon is always right”.

The point of view used throughout the novel is third person omniscient.

As Christians, we are devoted to many people and the accomplishment of many tasks. We are devoted to the congregation, spouses, children, jobs, neighbors, and our government. The apostles in Jerusalem asked the congregation to select men to manage distribution of food to needy widows, so they could devote themselves to prayer, and ministry of the word (Acts 6:4).

As Christians, we are devoted to prayer, whereby to stay alert and watch for our adversary, the devil.


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