Essay On Deterioration Of Values In Present Day Education

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Since the introduction of the compulsory education the enrolment at the elementary level of education has increased to a considerable extent.

As a result of this, the number of students reading in high schools has been enormously increasing.

The problem requires proper solution and immediate measures should be taken to produce such young person’s as might prove ideal future citizens of the country in all respects.

In order to meet the various problems of the secondary education, it is the responsibility of the educational planners to attack the problems from all the sides.

So far as the private management is concerned this state of affairs is far from being satisfactory.

Majority of the schools under private management suffer from financial crisis.Secondary schools in India where established by the Britishers to prepare and train educated officials and clerks for conducting administrative work. secondary education is being treated as self-sufficient and independent unit in itself and not merely complementary to university education.Unfortunately the aim continued to remain more or less the same for a long time. For the first time this commission prescribed certain aims for secondary education keeping in view the needs of the independent and democratic India.They must have the ability to change the teaching technique in such a way that the students acquire intellectual curiosity, inventiveness and decision making ability.The present day education needs a band of teachers who will be vigilant students of current trends in progressive society, understand and interpreted new movements of thought and vitalize their instruction by adopting the latest technique, and initiative to play an important part in the regeneration of education.As much emphasis is given on the external examination, the students follow the curriculum mechanically without curiosity, understanding or appreciation, as the immediate aim is to get through the examination and be admitted to higher class.Various commissions pointed out the defects of the curriculum at different times but the problem has not been tackled radically.Many political, economic and technical changes are taking place in the country at different intervals, but the education in general and secondary education in particular is unable to keep pace with the changing limes.Though steps have been taken at the later stage to introduce diversified curriculum at the secondary stage yet the difficulty lies in relating it to the real and practical life of the child and his environments.Except preparing the students for entrance into the university, the secondary education had got no definite aim. It is expected that the secondary education should therefore, seek to fulfil all these many sided aims of education by inculcating in students the qualities of democratic citizenship and leadership, and developing their faculties as complete units so that they might make their own contribution to the prosperity and enrichment of national life in all possible respects.But it is most depressing that most of the present secondary schools are not fully conscious of their essential duties and fall short of the expectation in fulfilling these aims.


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