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The Torah reversed this, making the family the central unit of life, the obligation to marry one of the first responsibilities of man, and the linkage of sex to procreation the highest standard by which to judge sexual relations. Sullivan acknowledges the power of Leviticus but deals with it by placing it in a relative context. Is it like killing your mother or stealing a neighbor’s bread, or is it more like refusing to eat shellfish or having sex during menstruation?Leviticus puts the matter sharply and apparently beyond quibble: Thou shalt not live with mankind as with womankind; it is an abomination. Sullivan suggests that all of these injunctions were written on the same moral level and hence can be accepted or ignored .

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He seems to pass over this obstacle without effective retort.

Instead, he takes up a different theme, namely, that on grounds of consistency many heterosexual practices—adultery, sodomy, premarital sex, and divorce, among others—should be outlawed equally with homosexual acts of the same character.

While the paper is educated and insightful, it is the user’s conclusion that has really gripped the internet since it was uploaded: ‘God created you, and he made no mistakes, God created me bisexual, and he made no mistakes, and he creates some people gay, and makes no mistakes: ‘For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected’ (1 Tim. ‘Marriage is not between man and woman, marriage is between love and love.

Love is not wrong, love is not a mistake, love is not an abomination, love is just love.’ Sadly, many other Reddit users were able to relate to averagesmurf’s assignment – in that they too were asked to produce something similar.

Accordingly, it reversed the denial of a marriage permit to a same-sex couple, unless the state could first demonstrate a “compelling state interest” that would justify limiting marriages to men and women. But in the meantime, the executive branch of Hawaii appointed a commission to examine the question of same-sex marriages; its report, by a vote of five to two, supports them.

The legislature, for its part, holds a different view of the matter, having responded to the court’s decision by passing a law unambiguously reaffirming the limitation of marriage to male-female couples.As a consequence of two pending decisions, we may be about to accept homosexual marriage.In 1993 the supreme court of Hawaii ruled that, under the equal-protection clause of that state’s constitution, any law based on distinctions of sex was suspect, and thus subject to strict judicial scrutiny.To back up his own views, the user goes on to explain how the ‘gay gene’ is not real before discussing topics such as same-sex marriage and adoption in a positive light.The paper, which has been uploaded to Google Docs should you be inclined to read the whole thing, perfectly challenges everything that homophobic readers may believe.A few scholars believe that states may be able to impose public-policy objections to such out-of-state marriages—Utah has already voted one in, and other states may follow—but only at the price of endless litigation.That litigation may be powerfully affected by the second case. If its decision upholds the Colorado supreme court and thus allows homosexuals to acquire a constitutionally protected status, the chances will decline of successful objections to homosexual marriage based on considerations of public policy.When this Missouri Catholic High School student was given the assignment to write a ‘Summa Theologica’ style paper in which he was asked to write an essay explaining why the church’s stance against homosexuality is correct, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hand in what his teacher was expecting.In a post on Reddit, user averagesmurf explained that after being assigned this essay, he spend fifteen minutes talking about how the bible ‘isn’t a condemnation of homosexuality’ and how it in ‘all ways affirms love rather than hate’.But hopefully, this particular assignment will open the eyes of averagesmurf’s teacher – and if not, we just hope he’s inspired enough to write another 127 page piece on why he should be listened to.Our courts, which have mishandled abortion, may be on the verge of mishandling homosexuality.


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