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Thirdly, it is considered a symbol of achievement since higher pay reflects higher degree of contribution towards organisational operations.Non-monetary benefits are also important, but they are not as influential. A highly satisfied worker has better physical and mental wellbeing.

Thirdly, it is considered a symbol of achievement since higher pay reflects higher degree of contribution towards organisational operations.Non-monetary benefits are also important, but they are not as influential.

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A number of research studies have been conducted in order to establish some of the causes that result in job satisfaction.

These studies have revealed consistent correlation of certain variables with the job satisfaction.

There are three important dimensions to job satisfaction: (i) Job satisfaction cannot be seen, it can only be inferred. (ii) Job satisfaction is often determined by how well outcome meet the expectations or exceed the expectations.

If the employees working in the organisation feel that they are working much harder than others in the department but the receiving lower rewards, they will be dissatisfied and have a negative attitude towards the job, the boss and the co-workers.

Attitudes are long lasting, but satisfaction is dynamic and it keeps on changing.

It can decline even more quickly than it developed.

Job satisfaction is a specific subset of attitudes.

Attitudes reflect one’s feeling toward individual’s organisations and objects.

A few definitions of job satisfaction are quoted as follows: According to E. Locke, “Job satisfaction is a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experience.” According to Field man and Arnold, “Job satisfaction will be defined as the amount of overall positive affect or (feelings) that individuals have towards their jobs.” According to Andrew Brin, “Job satisfaction is the amount of pleasure or contentment associated with a job.

If you like your job intensely, you will experience high job satisfaction.


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