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* The British colonial authorities called him the great leader as “Father of the Indian unrest”.He was also conferred with the honorary title of Lokmanya, which literally means “Accepted by the people (as their leader)”.* Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born in Ratnagiri on July 23 1856, a year before the first war of Independence fought in 1857.

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He also had a sense of fairness and justice from very early age.

He was very independent minded and did not falter at expressing his opinions.

Tilak was arrested in 1905 and sent to Mandalay jail fore 6 years.

When he was released, he started the Home Rule movement.

To take to Sanyasa (renunciation) is not to abandon life.

Essay On Lokmanya

The real spirit is to make the country your family instead of working only for your own.* He was a traditionalist- both personally and ideologically.For him, throwing the Britishers out was the first priority. He dressed in a dhoti, a shirt, a shawl on the shoulder and a red 'Pagadi' (a Marathi cap) on his head.He was an Indian nationalist, social reformer, teacher, journalist, editor, Sanskrit scholar, a great mathematician and freedom fighter who was the first popular leader of the Indian Independence Movement.“Swaraj ha maza janmasidha adhikar aahe ani to mi milavinach” [meaning: “Swaraj (self rule) is my birthright and I shall have it.”] This statement made by him is world famous even today and has inspired thousands to stand up for their rights.He believed that only education could free the Indian people from foreign rule.To realise his aim, he started the New English School at Poona with his two friends. Tilak brought out two weeklies, ‘Maratha’ in English and ‘Kesari’ in Marathi.* Bal Gangadhar Tilak was a bright child and very good at mathematics.The problems which would take minutes for a person to solve on the paper, Bal Tilak would do them mentally and give the answer.Early Life: * When Tilak was ten years old, the family moved from Ratnagiri to Poona (modern day Pune).The move proved beneficial for Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s education.


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