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For example, it seems like globalization should be a good thing for science.

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Much of the funding comes from taxes, and governments pass the responsibility back to the panels of scientist to decide which of their colleagues to invest these public monies in.

Scientists have long emphasized that freedom to decide what science they do is much more likely to give long-term rewards for the society that funds them.

Trying to square my personal experience of the intense world of science with these answers led me to the concept of an ecosystem of science.

I realized that although there were myriad discussions between scientists on specific topics, there was no overarching description of how the whole system works and what the implications are.

A review of Nobel Prize winners in the last half-century does reveal that most had no idea what they would accomplish, and could only articulate the path that their achievements had taken many years later, in hindsight.

The molecular-based light emitters that now give sparkling mobile phone screens were undreamt of by Alan Heeger, who attempted to make unpromising plastic films conduct electricity in the late 1970s.Science has stimulated and satisfied our curiosity about the world around us and the universe beyond.But the way that we organize our scientific research is bafflingly tribal.This perspective makes sense of important parts of the science ecosystem that have been harder to defend from a purely economic perspective.Understanding ecosystem effects in science makes it easier to make sense of some conundrums.Who gets to do research in the 21st century, and why? Amazingly, science is still generally “bottom-up.” We choose what research to do by encouraging scientists at universities to suggest ideas.They share these confidentially with a number of colleagues who rank them formally and select a few to fund.Similarly, DNA pioneers Crick and Watson just wanted to understand the structure of DNA, not to use that knowledge to fix genetic diseases or do mass screenings of cancers.In many countries, science is strongly believed to be directly useful to society.Together this produces robust and persistent scientific knowledge, an interconnected library bequeathed to future generations.But the disjointed ways this library is added to, and how much as a society we are paying for each new idea, is hardly discussed.


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