Essay On Superstitions And Science

Essay On Superstitions And Science-3
The word science is derived from Latin word Scientia meaning “Knowledge”.

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The Babylonian priests were the firsts to introduce Babylonian science during 1800 BCE.

Babylonians made commendable advancements in the field of celestial science and they professed that terrestrial events are only possible by movement of heavenly bodies.

In India some aspects of astronomical science are found in the Vedas (composed between 1500 to 1000 BCE), where the division of year into months, six seasons of the year and respective positions of celestial bodies were observed and documented.

Likewise many civilizations around the world made their respective progresses in the field of science- China developed geometry for calculating areas and algebra was imported from India.

The science of today has been developed through centuries of observations, research and experiments for making advancements in the respective fields.

After having understood the evolution of science, we must now move to its advantages.

It is an ongoing process of observation, experiment and research to satisfy human’s inquisitiveness on a particular subject and to find out new ways for improvement.

Evolution of Science “Evolution of science” is a misleading statement as science was there even before the evolution of life on Earth.

It is quite evident that there is no scientific approach to draw similarity between these non-correlated events, hence people believing in such superstitious may hide their self-doubts behind these superstitions.

Fear makes people irrational ending up making bad decisions.


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