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“There would be no powerful will flexing hers in that unsighted continuity with which work forces and adult females believe they have a right to enforce a private will upon a fellow creature” . ( Kirszner and Mandell 116 ) This lets us cognize that non merely her hubby was quashing her but besides other people around her. Mallard’s life had no significance or exhilaration. the literary term “of joy that kills” implies a sense of sarcasm which enhances the acrimonious sugariness of the stoping.

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Perhaps Louise, too, who resembles these women in her self-reliance, will seek sensual fulfillment.

“The Story of An Hour” written by Kate Chopin all takes topographic point within a one hr clip period. stamp custodies folded in decease ; the face that had ne’er looked save with love upon her. ” ( Kirszner and Mandell 116 ) This quotation mark shows that even though she was excited to hold her life back to herself she did on some degree love her hubby and would cry once more at his funeral. if we take the last line of the narrative literally. Mallard was intensely infatuated by her matrimony to her hubby thatshe died from the exhilaration of cognizing he was still alive.

At the realisation that she no longer has to populate for anyone but herself Mrs. “She knew that she would cry once more when she saw the sort.

Instead, she felt relief at the thought that she was now free from marriage.

“She knew that she would weep again when she saw the kind, tender hands folded in death.


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