Essay On Violence In Society

There's been a murder in the Loop, a fire in a nightclub, an indictment of another priest.Red and white lights swirl in urgent pinwheels as the ambulances howl down the dark streets.

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The estimated number of child abuse victims increased 40 percent between 19.

Children under 18 were 244 percent more likely to be killed by guns in 1993 than they were in 1986.

The daily news is rife with reports of child molestations and abductions.

War in foreign lands along with daily reports of murder, rape, and robberies also heighten a child's perception of potential violence.

Violence has always been a part of movie-making, but until recently, really violent movies were only seen by the fringe of mass culture. Bloody films are being watched by more than just punk rockers.

Family station wagons and vans pull up to movie theaters showing R-rated slasher films.They contend that televised imagery doesn't make people violent nor does it make people callous to suffering.But if televised imagery doesn't affect human behavior, then the TV networks should refund billions of advertising dollars to TV sponsors. Growing up used to be less traumatic just a few decades ago.Children back then worried about such things as a flat tire on their Schwinns and hoped that their teacher wouldn't give too much homework. A 1994 poll found more than half the children questioned said they were afraid of violent crime against them or a family member.But on October 1, 1993, she was abducted from her suburban home during a sleepover with two friends.If she can be abducted and murdered, so can nearly any other child. Children see violence in their schools, their neighborhoods, and their homes.In essence, TV executives are talking out of both sides of their mouths.On the one hand, they try to convince advertisers that a 30-second commercial can influence consumer behavior.Violent crime has increased by more than 560 percent since 1960.The innocence of childhood has been replaced by the very real threat of violence.


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